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05-09-11, 17:47

Introducing the hottest flavouring system on the market, BP LiquiFlav! The ultimate liquid flavouring system!

What is LiquiFlav?
As you will have guessed from the name, LiquiFlav is not your ordinary powdered flavouring system! It is an ultra-concentrated liquid flavouring, packed in a super-convenient 'dropper' bottle and available in 8 delicious flavours!

Is it full of sugar?
LiquiFlav only uses completely natural ingredients. It has been formulated with natural flavours and natural sweeteners (sucralose), ensuring there is no 'chemical' aftertaste that you get with other flavouring sytems. Furthermore no artificial colourings are used!

For those concerned with the nutritional information, how does this sound? Zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbohydrates and zero fat! Flavour your beverage with LiquiFlav in the safe knowledge that you are not altering its nutritional profile whatsoever!

What can I flavour with LiquiFlav?
LiquiFlav was formulated to compliment the BP Basics range, all of which is ‘unflavoured’. In particular it has been designed to be used in conjunction with our Whey Protein Concentrate 80% and Whey Protein Isolate 90%. You can however use LiquiFlav to flavour any product from the BP Basics range, such as other protein powders, carbohydrates, creatines and amino acids.

You can also use LiquiFlav to flavour other drinks and foods, such as water, milk, natural yoghurt, desserts and much more!

How much do I use?
Dosing is a doddle with LiquiFlav. Simply add between 5-10 ‘drops’ to your beverage and enjoy! No fussing around with messy, sticky powders, just drop and go!

Some products such as protein powders will require approximately 10 drops per serving to achieve a good, strong flavour. However many products such as carbohydrates, creatine and amino acids will only require around 5 drops per serving!

Is it expensive?

In life you either pay a premium, or just settle for less if you want ‘convenience’. However we are proud to say that LiquiFlav is THE exception to the rule!

Each bottle contains 100 servings based on the average serving size of 10 drops. This means that LiquiFlav works out from just £0.07 per serving, less than half the price of other messy powder flavour systems! If you use just 5 drops at a time then LiquiFlav costs from under £0.04 per serving!

LiquiFlav in brief…
If you are still in any doubt as to whether you should use LiquiFlav as your flavouring system of choice, then here is a quick summary to help you make up your mind!
Amazing, delicious, unbeatable taste!
8 fantastic flavours and many more to come!
Zero calories! Zero sugar! Zero carbohydrates! Zero fat!
Completely natural ingredients! No "chemical" aftertaste!
Only natural flavouring and natural sweetener used! No artificial flavours!
Best value flavour system available — from £0.07p per serving!
Convenient 'dropper' bottle makes dosing a doddle!
Can be used to flavour a wide range of supplements!
Combine flavours to create your own 'custom' flavour systems!

Click on the links below to view the product label for each flavour:

BP Liquiflav 50ml Banana
BP Liquiflav 50ml Blackcurrant
BP Liquiflav 50ml Chocolate
BP Liquiflav 50ml Chocolate Mint
BP Liquiflav 50ml Green Apple
BP Liquiflav 50ml Raspberry Coming soon!
BP Liquiflav 50ml Strawberry
BP Liquiflav 50ml Vanilla

Serving Size: 10 Drops (~0.5ml)Serving Per Bottle: 100

Natural & Natural Identical Flavouring, Aqua, Sucralose.

This product has zero nutritional value.
ηθελα να ρωτησω αν τ εχει δοκιμασει κανεισ γτ σκεφτομαι να τ χρησιμοποιησω στο homemade pre-w που θα κανω γ να τ δωσω λιγη γευση να κατεβαινει κ πιο ευκολα!..

06-09-11, 08:55
Η σουκραλοζη σε μεγαλες ποσοτητες και σε καθημερινη βαση ειναι υγιεινη;

06-09-11, 18:49
μονο τη σοκολατα εχω δοκιμασει για πρωτεινες και βρομη..... μια χαρα ηταν...

06-09-11, 21:18
γευση μηλο και μπανανα τα σπαγανε

06-09-11, 21:19
ρε που τα πουλανε δαυτα?χασαπη βαλε ενα κιλο κ εγω θελω

06-09-11, 21:21
ρε που τα πουλανε δαυτα?χασαπη βαλε ενα κιλο κ εγω θελω

bulk powders

γευση μηλο και μπανανα τα σπαγανε

η μηλο ή σοκολατα σκεφτομαι να παρω..

06-09-11, 21:21
bulk powders

σε καταστηματα δλδ με αναλογα προιοντα τα βρησκω???

07-09-11, 05:19
ρε που τα πουλανε δαυτα?χασαπη βαλε ενα κιλο κ εγω θελω

σε καταστηματα δλδ με αναλογα προιοντα τα βρησκω???

για να τελειωνουμε με τα οφ τοπικ.... απο ιντερνετ....

googlare αυτο που σου εγραψε το παιδι και θα καταλαβεις....

24-05-12, 09:40
παιδια συμφερει να παρω μια πρωτεινη unflavoured και να παρω ξεχωριστα γευση?ειναι πιο οικονομικο?

25-05-12, 18:32
πιο οικονομικο ειναι σιγουρα